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Updated Tuesday March 8, 2016 by Norco Girls Softball.


  1. Question:   What does NGS stand for?
  • Norco Girls Softball


  1. Question:  My daughter is a brand new player. Is there a place for her in this league?
  • We offer Spring and Fall Ball seasons that are open to all girls regardless of experience.  Our league is designed to teach girls to have fun, and learn the game of softball.


  1. Question:  Can I choose which team my daughter will play on?
  • We do not honor special team requests. Some exceptions are made for the 6U division, but we cannot guarantee that your request will be honored.


  1. Question:  Can my daughters play on the same team?
  • Yes, as long as they're in the same age division, they can request to play on the same team.


  1. Question:  Can my daughter play on the same team as a friend for carpool reasons?
  • No. We do not honor carpool requests.


  1. Question:   Why are the fees for 6U lower than other divisions?
  • We do not use umpires for the 6U division. Therefore, the cost for this division is less.


  1. Question:   What do registration fees pay for?
  • Registration fees cover the cost of items such as: Umpires, uniforms, balls, insurance, field lights, picture packages, trophies, etc.  There's also an optional fundraiser buyout.


  1. Question:  Am I required to show a birth certificate to prove the age of my daughter?
  • Yes, all players new to NGS need to bring a copy of their birth certificate to registration. Returning players are not required to show a copy of their birth certificate.


  1. Question:  When is the last day to register?
  • Two weeks after first games start. Some divisions may be open later if a team falls under 9 players.


  1. Question:  My daughter is now registered. What happens next?
  • You will be contacted by your daughter’s manager, or team parent within the first week after the draft.


  1. Question:  What are NGS’s age divisions?
  • Age is determined as of December 31st of the previous year.
  • 6U- 4-6 years old
  • 8U- 7 and 8 years old
  • 10U- 9 and 10 years old
  • 12U- 11 and 12 years old
  • 14U- 14-18 years old


  1. Question:   How are teams put together, and can I make special requests?
  • With the exception of the 6U division, players are chosen by a manager through a draft system.  NGS works to evenly place teams. We cannot honor any special requests.


  1. Question:  Can my daughter play in a lower or higher division?
  • We cannot allow players to play in a lower division, but players can play in a higher division. Ability must be proven at tryouts.


  1. Question:  Who chooses the team color?
  • Team color is chosen by the manager at the time of the draft.  Pants that are provided as part of the registration fee (in the Spring season only)


  1. Question:  Who chooses the team name?
  • Team names are chosen by players and managers. Names that are derogatory or offensive, will not be accepted.


  1. Question: How is my daughter chosen for a team?
  • All players, except the 6U players are required to attend an evaluation.  After evaluation, your player will be put in a draft where managers will choose players for their team.  6U teams are put together by managers- often times players are grouped together by the school they attend.


  1. Question:  Why does my daughter need to attend evaluations?
  • Evaluations give the managers the opportunity to evaluate players, and their skill level. After the evaluation, a draft is held, and players are evenly distributed to form teams.


  1. Question: What happens if my daughter does not attend evaluations?
  • The player will go in to the draft as a “hat pick.”


  1. Question:  how are late sign-ups placed on teams?
  • Players will be placed on the team with the least amount of players until all teams have an equal amount of players with the maximum of 12 players.
What to buy
  1. Question: What will my player need when the season starts?
  • For the spring season, the league provides pants and jersey which is included in your registration fee. For our fall ball season, only jerseys are provided. Helmets and some bats are available from the equipment manager as a loan. All helmets must have a face mask. It's encouraged that every player have their own helmet for proper fit.  Rubber cleats and softball glove/mitt  are also required.  Your team manager, or team parent might ask the parents to donate money towards team socks, visors and a team banner.


Items not required, but may be helpful to the player:

  1. Question: When do games start?
  • For spring ball, games start during the month of March, the week of opening ceremonies. For fall ball, games start after labor day. Check our website often for details. Your manager will also keep you updated with game and practice schedules.



  1. Question: When and where are games played?
  • Teams usually have a game during the week, and one game on Saturdays. There may be times that your team will have a game twice during the weekdays. All season games are held at Wayne Makin park in Norco. There are also times when teams will play games in Jurupa/Vernola field. (off Limonite)


  1. Question: Where are practices held?
  • Practices are held at various locations. Your manager or team parent will update you with your team practice schedule.


  1. Question: What time are games and practices held?
  • Weekday games begin as early as 5pm and as late as 7pm.  Saturday games start as early as 8am, and can end as late as 7pm.  Keep in mind that your manager will most likely require that your player arrive to the game field 45 minutes to one hour prior to your game time, so your daughter can warm up with her team.  Practices vary from team to team. Your manager will update you with practice information.


  1. Question: Do I have to stay at practices and games?
  • It’s always a good idea to stay to support your child, coaches and manager.  It’s a great time to see what your player is working on, or what areas they can work on as an individual.  This way, you have a better idea of what your player can work on at home to provide the best results.  We strongly encourage parents of 6U and 8U players to be there at all times.  If you do need to leave, be sure to notify your team parent, or manager, and make sure to arrive back in a timely manner.  The manager cannot leave until he/she is certain that all players have been picked up.
Picture Day
  1. Question: When are team photos taken?
  • Details will be posted on the website. During the spring season, each player will receive a basic package which is included in your registration fee.  Additional photos may be purchased on picture day. There will also be a picture make-up day for those who cannot make the first picture date.  Most often, it will be an individual based photo since the team photo has already been taken. Some teams will re-take the photo at the managers discretion.


  1. Question: When will the league take action photos?
  • We have a photographer who comes in during random times, and will take action shots of many players. You can purchase photos on his website, or find him at the field at various times to purchase photos. His information will be posted on the website.


  1. Question: I took some photos at a game. Will you be able to post them on your website?
  • Every team has a team page. Contact your manager or team parent to obtain access to upload photos. This way they can be shared with your team.


General Information
  1. Question: When is the parent information meeting?
  • Once your player is drafted to a team, your manager will most likely call your team to a meeting to go over information, and expectations of the season.


  1. Question: How are problems and/or concerns resolved?
  • When a problem arises, you should always try to contact your manager first. If he/she is not able to help you resolve your issue, you can contact the coach liaison of the league. The next line of communication would be your player agent.  If you have exhausted all areas, and your issue still has not been resolved, you can then contact your president, or vice president. All members listed above are available on our website.


Sponsor Information

  • Question: how can I become a sponsor?
  • There are sponsors for the recreation season, as well as All-Star season.  You can view our sponsor letter under “downloadable forms and files.”  You can also email us for your interest in becoming a league sponsor.


  1. Question: Why do the teams need sponsors, and what is the money for?
  • Sponsorship fees are for the league, and league improvements.



Rules and regulations
  1. Question: What rules do the league operate under?
  • NGS is governed by the ASA organization. We follow rules set by ASA.  For rules of the game, ASA allows our league to tailor the rules to best suit our need. This allows coach pitching, run limits, etc. We modify our league rules annually to best suit the skills of the league.
  • For rules and regulations, please refer to our bylaws, and ground rules located under “downloadable forms and files” on our website



  1. Question: What are the rules for NGS and where can I get a rule book?
  • Rule books are given to all managers at the start of the season.  You can visit the ASA website to purchase your own copy.



  1. Question: What volunteer positions are still needed?
  • Our league is ran by volunteers.  We can always use as much help as one is willing to give.  At your first team meeting, most managers will ask for help as assistant coach, team parent, score keeping, field prep, etc.  Please also visit our website, and check to see which openings are available as a Board of directors.


  1. Question: What does a Team Mom do?
  • The team mom is the liaison between the manager, and other parents. She will help with distribution of uniforms, phone calls to parents, team parties, the team banner, snack schedules and fundraising.  All team moms are required to attend the team mom meeting during the Spring ball season.


  1. Question: I’d like to be on the board. How do I join?
  • Open elections begin in May. The league will notify all league members as to when this meeting will commence. Newly elected board members being their duties in September of each year.


  1. Question: How much are board members paid?
  • Board members, team staff, and volunteers are not paid for their services.




  1. Question: I want to become a manager. How do I apply?
  • All potential managers are to fill out a managers code of conduct, and also submit a ASA background check (approx. $25).  Managers are based on board approval.


  1. Question: Are there any other requirements to become a manager?
  • Once approved, you will be required to attend a NGS mandatory managers clinic. You will be required to attend both player evaluations, as well as future managers meetings.


  1. Question: What are the minimum requirements to becoming an All-Star manager?
  • 2 spring ball seasons as acting manager, and ACE level 1 or higher.


  1. Question: What is ACE certification?


  1. Question: If I manage a team, will my daughter be placed on my team?
  • Yes, as long as your daughter(s) is eligible for the age division you would like to manage.


  1. Question: If I manage a team, can I hold my team practice anywhere I want?
  • Absolutely not. You may only practice the place, and times scheduled to you by the league. Our insurance will only cover us for fields that are assigned to us by the city of Norco.


  1. Question: Why do I need to fill out a volunteer application and obtain a ASA background check?
  • We are required by ASA to conduct a background check on all volunteers. The $25 fee covers our expense as well as insurance required.


  1. Question: I was already approved as a volunteer last year, why do I have to submit another application and fee?
  • All volunteer background checks expire December 31st, and ASA rules require us to re-certify all volunteers yearly.


  1. Question: What happens if I submit a volunteer application and I am not selected for the position I requested. Am I eligible for a refund?
  • Unfortunately, volunteer fees are non-refundable. You will still receive your ASA volunteer certification, and you will be eligible to volunteer at another time.



  1. Question: I want to be the “Team Mom” do I need to submit a volunteer application and fee?
  • Yes, the Team Mom is required to have a background check conducted. One good example is:  Managers will ask the Team Mom to walk your player to the restroom and make sure that she returns safely during practice and games.


**Attached below are some helpful tips you may be able to use**

Selecting the correct bat
Equipment your daughter may need

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